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Protesters at capital color interior
Federal employees have the right to protest, march in the streets, attend a protest, rally, demonstration, or meeting....
Police offices block the street in San Francisco during the Dolores Park Hill Bomb
The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund filed a federal civil rights class lawsuit against San Francisco and police commanders on behalf of children and young adults arrested in July 2023 at a community event that occurred in Dolores Park in San Francisco, California.
Police officer in riot gear
The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund filed a civil rights claim in October 2023 against the City of...
Protesters at capital color interior
Use this quick reference guide to know what to do if the FBI comes to your door.
This is a guide to the legal restrictions on police during demonstrations and protests in Washington, D.C.
On June 16, 2023, The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF), and its Center for Protest Law & Litigation, filed an opposition to the defendants' Motion to Dismiss in Ferris v. D.C.
In Ferris et. al v. D.C., the PCJF is challenging MPD's use of indiscriminate less lethal munitions against protestors.