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“When dealing with this or any event that poses challenges, the City must change its approach to one that truly protects our community and keeps it safe,” said Rachel Lederman, senior counsel with the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund.
PCJF sent a letter to the SFPD and the city’s attorneys in response to SFPD’s recent statement threatening to again make mass arrests in connection with this year’s planned Dolores Hill Bomb scheduled for July 6. PCJF urged the SFPD to change its tactics to protect the youth participating rather than target them.
Excerpt from Mission Local. Read the full article. A federal judge said on Thursday that most of the...
Excerpt from Law & Disorder. Listen to the full interview here. During the Occupy Wall Street protests of...
As a pro-Palestine protest and encampment enters week two at George Washington University’s campus, the impact of several mass demonstrations more than two decades ago can still be felt.
While peaceful protests were happening in 81 cities and 19 countries, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) took the extraordinary step of jailing the San Francisco protestors on trumped up felony conspiracy charges.
Excerpt from 48 Hills. San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu is asking a federal judge to dismiss lawsuits against...
The Center for Protest Law & Litigation at the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund filed a motion in...
Excerpt from NBC News. Every year, throngs of youths descend upon San Francisco’s Mission District for a skateboarding event, but this year festivities ended in chaos with police arresting over 100 young people.
Excerpt from the Washington Post. San Francisco now faces a class-action lawsuit alleging that the roughly 80 juveniles corralled by police were wrongfully detained.