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The PCJF’s impact litigation program challenges law enforcement and government abuses that repress grassroots movements organizing for racial equality, climate protections, and social justice. Championing a movement-centered model, this transformative work is carried out in partnership with those most affected, centering the demands of oppressed communities and activists including racial justice uprisings nationwide, peace movement demonstrations, anti-globalization protests, the Occupy movement, and Indigenous-led opposition at Standing Rock and Line 3.

The PCJF has won groundbreaking cases enforcing constitutional rights and resulting in extensive, systemic changes in law, procedures, and policies governing police conduct. We have won millions of dollars in damages for persons whose rights have been violated, including the largest monetary settlements for the violation of protestors’ rights in U.S. history. Our work also includes major cases challenging discrimination on the basis of race, sex, disability, and sexual orientation. The PCJF’s hard-hitting investigative work and transparency program has forced the disclosure of thousands of government documents reflecting its secret and illegal surveillance programs resulting in groundbreaking analysis and exposés. This work has revealed the government’s use of anti-terrorism agencies and funding to target peaceful political protest in America.

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