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‘Thank you, Ed Snowden’ Campaign


In 2013, in response to the U.S. government’s threats to send whistleblower Edward Snowden to prison for life, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund organized a national campaign with civil liberties activists and organizations, called “Thank you, Edward Snowden.”

In addition to a list of more than 14,000 signatures thanking Snowden, part of this campaign was the roll out of ‘Thank You Ed Snowden’ ads wrapped on buses across Washington, D.C., an entirely crowd-funded project!

“The elites in D.C. may not ride the bus, but they can’t avoid reading the bus!” our project declared.

FOIA Request on NSA Mass Surveillance Program


Group buys Metro bus ad thanking Edward Snowden

Press Coverage

McClatchy: No one is sure how public advocate at spy court would work

Serious questions shadow President Barack Obama’s proposal to add a public advocate to the secret court that oversees surveillance programs.

Image of demonstrators with "Thank you Edward Snowden" signs.

Politico: Edward Snowden pic coming to D.C. buses

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund announced Wednesday that buses carrying ads with the National Security Agency leaker’s face next to the message, “Thank You Edward Snowden,” will be hitting the streets of the D.C. area next week.

Illustration of Edward Snowden and the American flag

Washington City Paper: Edward Snowden’s Face, Coming to a Bus Near You?

NSA leaker Edward Snowden may be in Russia, but his face could soon be rolling through the streets of D.C.

News 10 ABC: Feinstein to review surveillance programs, but critics don’t expect much to change

“These (hearings) are, in fact, designed to be window dressings,” Carl Messineo, legal director for the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, said Friday.

The Guardian: Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks

Since the 2008 economic crash, security agencies have increasingly spied on political activists, especially environmental groups, on behalf of corporate interests.