D.C. Settles Suit Over Vt & K Protest Arrests

$50,000 Payment to Each of Four Vt & K Arrestees Plus Attorneys Fees and Costs and Police Training and Notice of First Amendment Rights Required

Police Agree to Protester Reforms

The D.C. police department agreed to pay $685,000 and take steps to protect protesters from police abuse and ensure their rights to settle a lawsuit over the treatment of demonstrators at President Bush's inauguration in 2001.

Civil Rights Group Settles With Police Over Inauguration Protests

Civil rights lawyers representing protesters at President Bush's 2001 inauguration announced a settlement Tuesday with District of Columbia police that includes changes in department policies for handling demonstrations.

In Court Papers, A Political Note On '04 Protests

When city officials denied demonstrators access to the Great Lawn in Central Park during the 2004 Republican National Convention, political advocates and ordinary New Yorkers accused Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of squelching demonstrations that could embarrass fellow Republicans during their gathering.

G-8 Protest Organizer Finds Hurdles on Path to a Permit

Robert Randall never knew free speech could cost so much -- in dollars and in compromises -- until he tried to organize a demonstration for this summer's meeting of the major industrial nations.

A NATION CHALLENGED: AMERICAN MUSLIMS; Raids, Detentions and Lists Lead Muslims to Cry Persecution

Muslim leaders say the government is persecuting them as it once did suspected supporters of Japan or the Soviet Union more than 50 years ago.