Court: D.C.'s Trinidad checkpoints not legal

A federal appeals court Friday declared unconstitutional a controversial police checkpoint program used to cordon off a crime-ridden D.C. neighborhood last year. The unanimous 14-page opinion of a three-judge panel of the U.

Lawyer Argues Against D.C. Checkpoints

Police checkpoints that cordoned off a crime-plagued D.C. neighborhood last year were an "extraordinary" measure that "flies in the face" of prior court rulings and violates the Constitution, a lawyer for plaintiffs opposed to the barriers told a federal appeals court Friday.

Appeals Court Considers DC vehicle Checkpoints

A civil liberties group argued Friday that a federal judge was wrong when he refused to block the District of Columbia police department's vehicle checkpoint program, saying the initiative is an invasion of privacy.

Group Appeals Ruling on Police Checkpoints

The Partnership for Civil Justice pressed its challenge of D.C. police checkpoints, asking an appeals court to overturn a ruling last year that cleared the way for authorities to continue using the tactic.

Report on U.S. Court of Appeals Hearing on D.C. Checkpoint Appeal

The Legal Times just released the following report of today's U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit oral argument about the D.C. military-style checkpoint program:

A Reality Check on D.C. Checkpoints

In June, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, his attorney general and the D.C. police announced the introduction of a military-style checkpoint program under which police stop drivers and allow only those with a police-approved "legitimate reason" to continue on the public roadway.