"Then the Government Pulled the Plug" -Hillary Clinton

In less than a week after we cheered the outbreak of democracy in Egypt, we witnessed the spectacle of retired CIA analyst and Veteran for Peace Ray McGovern being dragged out of Hillary Clinton's press conference yesterday for a silent, peaceful protest.

WikiLeaks Backers 'Anonymous' to Be Probed by U.S. Grand Jury

The federal grand jury in San Jose, California, will begin reviewing evidence tomorrow that includes computers and mobile phones seized from suspected leaders as prosecutors probe the coordinated so-called denial-of-service attacks.

Top DC police officials put under oath in Pershing Park case over evidence loss and destruction

After eight years of litigation on behalf of the nearly 400 people who were arrested illegally in September 2002, the Pershing Park mass arrest case has entered a new phase as 15 key police officials and lawyers, including former D.

D.C. to drop controversial checkpoints

The D.C. government has agreed not to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn an appellate court ruling that checkpoints set up by District police in neighborhoods beset by violence are unconstitutional.

D.C. to Settle Controversial Neighborhood Checkpoint Suit

Three residents who sued the District over the city's controversial neighborhood checkpoint program are expected to receive $3,500 each to settle claims that the police initiative violated constitutional rights, according to court papers filed Thursday.

D.C. agrees to $13.7 million settlement in 2000 mass arrest

A federal judge gave final approval Wednesday to a $13.7 million settlement between the District and people who were picked up in a mass arrest during a 2000 protest near the World Bank and International Monetary Fund buildings.

DC Prosecutor Farms out Investigation of Police shooting of Trey Joyner

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen is handing off the investigation of a fatal police shooting to federal prosecutors from Philadelphia, The Washington Examiner has learned. U.S. Park Police officers shot 25-year-old Trey Joyner dead in an alley in the Trinidad neighborhood last summer.

D.C. lawyers demonstrate power of tenacity

When Carl Messineo and Mara Verheyden-Hilliard sued the District on behalf of hundreds of protesters arrested by D.C. police, their strategy all along was to do more than win a large settlement for the demonstrators.