Citing Police Trap, Protesters File Suit

A group of people arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge as part of the Occupy Wall Street protests last week filed a suit against New York City on Tuesday, alleging that officers had violated their constitutional rights by luring them into a trap and then arresting them.

Lawsuit Filed Over Brooklyn Bridge Mass Arrest

The Washington, D.C.-based Partnership for Civil Justice Fund has filed a federal class action lawsuit against New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the city, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, and a bunch of unidentified cops and law enforcement agents over Saturday's controversial Brooklyn Bridge mass arrest.

Feds must find missing evidence in Pershing Park case

Here's something you don't see every day: D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department has asked the FBI to investigate it.

"Reporters for Hire" website publishes complete list of U.S. government contracts

The Cuban newspaper Granma covers the work of PCJF and others in uncovering the contracts between the U.S. government and Miami-based journalists who reported on the case of the Cuban Five

DC investigating police escorts for 17 celebrities

District of Columbia police officials are investigating police escorts given to 17 celebrities since 2002 to find out who approved them, whether they were reimbursable and if there was a legitimate need for them, Chief Cathy Lanier said Thursday.

D.C. police need to clear up muddle over escorts for celebrities

What did distress me, however, was several days of muddle over what exactly was the D.C. police policy on supplying uniformed escorts to private citizens already privileged by prominence and wealth.