Why the White House is fighting greater access to the morning-after pill

The Justice Department is appealing a court decision that would make Plan B available to women of all ages without a prescription.

Groups say FDA's Plan B decision falls short of court order

Reproductive-rights groups that sued the U.S. Food and Drug Administration over access to the "morning-after" pill will ask a judge to hold the agency in contempt if it fails to comply with a court order directing it to make emergency contraception available to women of all ages.

FDA must comply with Plan B morning-after pill ruling, campaigners say

Reproductive-rights groups said on Wednesday they would ask a judge to hold the US Food and Drug Administration in contempt if it fails to comply with a court ruling that orders it to make the morning-after pill available to women of all ages.

Obama’s half-dose of Plan B

It sounded like a major victory for reproductive health: Per an announcement by the FDA late Tuesday, emergency contraception will finally be available on the shelves for anyone 15 and up. But there’s a catch.

Judge orders FDA to make Plan B morning after pill available to females of all ages

A Brooklyn judge on Friday reversed the FDA's 2011 decision to limit the Plan B pill's availability to women 17 and older.

NY judge makes morning-after pill available to all

The Food and Drug Administration must make emergency contraceptives available to girls of all ages within 30 days, a federal judge has ruled, saying the agency's decisions regarding the so-called morning-after pill were "arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable.

Huge win for morning-after pill; judge lifts age restriction

A federal judge's ruling Friday morning ordering the FDA to lift restrictions on the morning-after pill — making it available over the counter to females of all ages — was a victory for several Gainesville women who were plaintiffs in the case.

Homeland Security Tracked Occupy Wall Street 'Peaceful Activist Demonstrations'

A Department of Homeland Security division produced daily briefings on "peaceful activist demonstrations" during the height of the Occupy Wall Street protests, documents released Tuesday revealed.

As It Spied on Occupy Wall Street, Department of Homeland Security Fixated on Media Coverage

The documents show that DHS, the sprawling Federal agency ostensibly created to combat terrorism after the September 11 attacks, routinely spies on peaceful First Amendment activities and required daily briefing on the extent of media attention being given to Occupy Wall Street activities.

National Women’s Liberation – Press Packet

A PDF collection of news clippings on the NWL's years of organizing and actions related to morning-after pill availability.