Northwest Watchdog: Oregon Fusion Center, House of spies or terror-threat prevention?

The Oregon Terrorism Information Threat Assessment Network is one of several Federal Fusion Centers spread across 77 U.S. cities that collaborate with local law-enforcement agencies on suspected terrorist threats. Judge Slams 'Frivolous' Obama Defense Of Birth Control Pill

In a scathing decision, a federal judge criticized the Obama administration for a “frivolous” stalling tactic to defend age restrictions for the morning after birth control pill.

The Guardian: Plan B age-restriction appeal from US government denied by federal judge

A federal judge has denied an appeal by the US government to an order granting the unrestricted access of emergency contraception to women of all ages.

Business Week: Judge in NYC refuses to suspend his Plan B ruling

A government appeal of a ruling giving women of all ages broad access to morning-after birth control is frivolous, a federal judge said Friday as he refused to suspend enforcement of his decision pending appeal.

New York Times: Judge Refuses to Drop Order on Contraceptive Pill Without Regard to Age

A federal judge on Friday stepped up his criticism of the Obama administration, accusing the Justice Department of making “frivolous” and “silly” arguments in its attempt to delay making the morning-after emergency contraceptive pill available to women and girls of all ages without a prescription.

Christian Science Monitor: Judge won't delay his order for easy access to 'morning after' pill

A federal judge on Friday refused to significantly delay his order that the morning-after emergency contraception pill be made widely available to women and girls regardless of their age.

McClatchy: Federal judge denies FDA effort to block contraceptive access

A New York federal judge on Friday denied a request by the Obama administration to delay his April 5 court order that allows emergency contraceptives to be sold without age limits or a prescription.

Unaware of Tsarnaev warnings, Boston counterterror unit tracked protesters

In the fall of 2011, a key Boston police counterterror intelligence unit -- funded with millions of dollars in U.S. homeland security grants -- was closely monitoring anti-Wall Street demonstrations, including tracking the Facebook pages and websites of the protesters and writing reports on the potential impact on "commercial and financial sector assets" in downtown areas, according to internal police documents.

Putting Politics Ahead of Science

On Wednesday, the Obama administration betrayed both reproductive rights and science. The Justice Department announced that it would appeal a federal court ruling that would make morning-after pills available without a prescription for girls and women of all ages.

Attorney who fought contraception limits hits Obama administration's tactics

One of the attorneys who successfully sued to make a type of emergency contraception available without age restrictions is crying foul over the Obama administration’s 11th-hour decision to appeal the ruling.