Important victory in case of Ray McGovern's brutal arrest

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund is pleased to announce an important victory in the ongoing case of peace activist Ray McGovern.

Do you have the right to peacefully march or will you be jailed?

It is impossible to overstate the importance and impact on fundamental free speech rights of the Brooklyn Bridge mass arrest lawsuit. It was filed on behalf of the more than 700 people who were illegally arrested during a peaceful march on October 1, 2011.

Major Free Speech Court Victory in Brooklyn Bridge Occupy Mass Arrest Class Action

In a major victory for free speech rights, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued a ruling today denying the City of New York’s effort to dismiss the lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s mass false arrest of 700 Occupy Wall Street demonstrators on the Brooklyn Bridge in October 2011.

Interim Victory for Free Speech: Federal Court Rejects City's Motion to Dismiss First Amendment Lawsuit

Rev. Bruce Wright has filed a federal lawsuit against the city for its trespass ordinance which has prevented him from exercising his First Amendment rights in Williams Park.

The Government's Under-the-Radar Mass Surveillance Program

What if the executive branch's authorities were defined not by legislation nor the Constitution, but by opaque and loosely interpreted Executive Orders, the application of which were deemed "confidential?"

Justice Dept.'s disingenuous denial of spying on Muslim and Arab Americans

The statement issued today by the Justice Department and Director of National Intelligence in response to Glenn Greenwald's just-released story in The Intercept about NSA and FBI spying is disingenuous.

We have the momentum against mass surveillance, but we must take action

The legislation passed by the House shows that progress is possible. But it is not enough. We have to keep organizing, fighting and encouraging others to join this effort.

PCJF joins Reset the Net campaign for internet privacy

Reset the Net is a global movement to take our privacy back and secure the Internet to defend against mass government surveillance.

Fusion Centers Approached 2011 Black Friday Consumer Boycott Like a Terrorist Threat

The documents reveal that Fusion Centers and their personnel even conflate their anti-terrorism mission with a need for intelligence gathering on a possible consumer boycott during the holiday season.