Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against Laurel Police for Public Strip Search After Racial Profiling Stop

Police strip searched man incident after a baseless vehicular stop which, the lawsuit states, occurred solely on the basis of racial profiling. Read more

Federal judge hails "historic" free speech settlement between the PCJF and federal gov't

After nearly 13 years of litigation, a federal judge has approved an unprecedented settlement that will significantly change the handling of mass protests in the United States.

PCJF and U.S. Gov't reach $2.2 million settlement over 2002 mass arrests, includes landmark reforms in U.S. Park Police practices

An unprecedented settlement with the Justice Department and the Department of the Interior that will significantly change the handling of mass protests

Court calls NSA program illegal, now tell Congress to end it entirely

Proposed USA Freedom Act is insufficient — the American people don't want a 'step' towards the Constitution

Shocking court reversal allows NYPD to mass arrest peaceful protesters

The Court has abruptly doubled back on itself to tell the people of New York that if they participate in a police-escorted march, they can be subject to a shocking corralling and mass arrest by the NYPD without any notice.

NYPD Commissioner Bratton compares Black Lives Matter protests to Paris and Mumbai terrorist attack

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund condemns the decision of the New York City government to target free speech activity with a new NYPD 'anti-terrorist' unit.

PCJF statement: CIA clears itself of wrongdoing after hacking Senate oversight committee

A CIA review panel has announced that its agents did not break the law when they searched the computers and hacked the emails of Senate staffers tasked with investigating the CIA's record of torture.

Tables turn against prosecutor in Mike Brown case

A petition is filed to appoint a special prosecutor for State Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch, detailing his gross misconduct during grand jury proceedings in the case of Darren Wilson.

The fight is on: Support the battle for democracy and civil rights in the courts and in the streets

The fight is on. 2014 was important. 2015 can be decisive.

Breaking News: Cuban Five are Free!

After 16 years as political prisoners in the United States through a prosecution and trial that demonstrated a gross corruption of justice, the remaining three, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, and Antonio Guerrero are going home to Cuba.