How the FBI greenlighted the crackdown on Black Lives Matter

Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, under the Obama administration, are continuing to fuel and encourage a repressive crackdown on peaceful demonstrators. Read more

Telling the truth after the Orlando massacre: Counter-terrorism funding and authority is systematically abused

We have been outraged by the cynical abuse of this attack by right-wing politicians who care more about beefing up unconstitutional law enforcement practices and spreading anti-Muslim bigotry than stopping anti-gay violence.

Remembering people's lawyer Michael Ratner, 1943-2016

He devoted his entire life to fighting for radical change in America, as well as an internationalist supporting the struggles of people everywhere demanding liberation and justice.

Exposed: ATF Spying on Occupy and 'Known Anarchists and Protestors' List

ATF and U.S. Marshals geared up to spy on Occupy a month before it began; list of 'Known Anarchists and Protestors' circulated Read more

Newly released emails on assault and ejection of veteran from Clinton speech

These documents were not turned over to the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund when it sought emails related to Mr. McGovern's arrest in the wake of the incident.

Exposed: FBI Surveillance of School of the Americas Watch

FBI used counter-terrorism authority to track pacifist human rights group for 10 years

In court to save free speech on the next Inauguration Day

The people have the right to redress grievances to the incoming president on Inauguration Day, whether it be Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or anyone else.