Thank You Ed Snowden' bus featured in Australia's mass surveillance debate

On Tuesday, 'The Day We Fight Back,' people all across the country sent letters to and called Congress demanding an end to the mass surveillance system.

Feb 11: The Day We Fight Back

February 11 is 'The Day We Fight Back,' a day of nationally coordinated action against dragnet surveillance that promises to be the largest in history. A broad range of civil liberties organizations are participating.

NSA Programs Have No Constitutional Leg to Stand On

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board's report, calling for an end to bulk surveillance collection, confirms that the Pentagon's NSA mass surveillance program, and President Obama's fundamental endorsement of it, does not have a constitutional leg to stand on.

Pres. Obama's NSA speech: 'The Costume of Constitutionality'

Rather than dismantling the NSA’s unconstitutional mass surveillance programs, or even substantially restraining them, President Obama today has issued his endorsement of them.

From the 1971 Media, Pa. burglary to the 2013 NSA revelations

The world now recognizes the righteousness of those who used unconventional methods to reveal the extensive criminal activities of the FBI. It is only a matter of time before the same is true of Snowden and the NSA.

NY Times calls for clemency for Edward Snowden

Join us and thousands of others by sending an email right now to President Obama and Attorney General Holder demanding that they pardon or drop the charges against whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

Breakthrough: Judge rules against NSA spying, Thank You Ed Snowden campaign in NY Times

There are cracks in the Surveillance State. Yesterday, Judge Richard J. Leon of the Federal District Court of D.C. ruled that the NSA's bulk collection of data on all Americans' phone calls likely violates the Constitution.

When Congress comes back in January, we'll be waiting

Additional buses bearing the huge "Thank You Ed Snowden, Say No to the Surveillance State" message will be circulating on Jan. 6, the day Congress comes back into session. This was made possible by the crowd-funding support this project has received from across the country.

The Most Explosive NSA Revelation Yet

Today’s release of documents obtained from whistleblower Edward Snowden is by far the most explosive and most damning of any of the material that Mr. Snowden began to release in June of this year.

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund Needs Your Support on 'Giving Tuesday'

Giving Tuesday, set for tomorrow December 3rd, is an alternative way for the American people to use their hard-earned money in support of change, in defense of civil liberties and social and civil rights.