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SF drops most Dolores hill bomb cases — but will investigate further

Excerpt from Mission Local. Read the entire article here.

Vast majority of criminal charges against juveniles, adults are now discharged, but civil lawsuit against San Francisco will proceed.

San Francisco officials have dropped the vast majority of cases stemming from the Dolores hill bomb, in which police arrested 117 people, 83 of them minors, during an operation targeting the annual skateboarding event.

The announcement is not impacting a class-action civil rights lawsuit against the city, according to Rachel Lederman, a protest attorney who has met with dozens of parents, teenagers, and arrested adults. Lederman said today that a lawsuit would be filed in federal court, alleging civil rights violations and unlawful arrest.

“We are definitely proceeding with a lawsuit for civil rights violations, which we are planning to file as a class action, so that it potentially includes everyone that was arrested on 17th Street,” said Lederman. “The police department created the class by sealing everyone into that block, so that they were all treated as a mass, without any individual basis for each arrest, as the constitution requires.”

The police response led to allegations of misconduct, pledges to investigate departmental policy, and promises to sue the city: Parents arriving that night to pick up their children were met with stone-faced walls of police officers. They saw their teenagers held on the street for hours in the dark, zip-tied one by one, and transported to Mission Station nearby, where they were released well into the night.