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Police Close Off Dolores Street, Skaters ‘Bomb’ Church Street Instead

Excerpt from KQED. Read the full article here.

San Francisco officials succeeded Saturday night in stopping large numbers of skaters from riding down Dolores Street by setting up scores of barricades and stationing dozens of law enforcement officers in the planned path of the “Dolores Hill Bomb.” But skaters weren’t too disappointed, they just shifted their antics to Church Street on the opposite side of Dolores Park.

“When dealing with this or any event that poses challenges, the City must change its approach to one that truly protects our community and keeps it safe,” said Rachel Lederman, senior counsel with the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, the firm representing the arrested teens in a lawsuit. “That will not happen through increasingly aggressive and militarized policing. Civilian agencies should be managing this event collaboratively with the skateboard community and engage in de-escalation.”

Lederman said legal observers will be there tonight and her organization is prepared to take legal action if any further civil rights violations occur.