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PCJF Demands Information About Imprisonment, Interrogation, and Death of Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi

Detainee’s statements derived under torture used to sell the Iraq invasion

The PCJF demanded today information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense including the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Department of Justice, and the Department of State related to the detention, interrogation, and death of Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi.

The text of the FOIA demands:

“All records and documents including but not limited to emails, letters, cables or other communications, memoranda, notes, minutes, photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, digital recordings, flight manifests, intelligence assessments, or other data that relate to or reference Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi aka Ibn Shaykh al-Libi aka Ali Mohammed al-Fakheri aka Ibn A-Sheikh A-Libi including as an unnamed detainee who was a source for information alleging that Iraq had provided training in chemical or biological weapons to al-Qaeda operatives.

“As a matter of clarification but not limitation, your response should include all information related to Libi’s capture, detention, custody, including by any other entity; transfers of custody; interrogation; suggested questions for interrogation; requests for information from White House personnel or other Bush Administration personnel; proposed and/or employed methods of interrogation; information derived from questioning of Libi; assessments of that information; communications providing that information to U.S. government agencies or administration personnel; vetting and preparation of information derived from Libi for presentation to the U.S. Senate and for use in Secretary of State Powell’s speech to the United Nations in February 2003; determinations and deliberations as to whether or not to transfer Libi to Guantanamo or any other location including secret detention sites, Egypt, and Libya; information as to the death of Libi.”

The FOIA demand was also made on behalf of the ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) Coalition and IndictBushNow.org.

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF), is a not-for-profit legal and educational organization which, among other things, seeks to ensure constitutional accountability and conformity with international human rights law and the Law of Nations.