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Protesters at capital color interior
Reprinted from The Washington Post By Carol D. LeonnigFriday, March 21, 2008; B03 The Bush administration violated the...
Protesters at capital color interior
First Amendment prevails over Bush’s attempts to privatize inaugural route After a three-year long legal battle pitting free...
Protesters at capital color interior
After Loss to Protestors, Government Issues Suspect Regulations In a substantial free speech victory, the Partnership for Civil...
Protesters at capital color interior
Article on PCJ victory over National Park Service Reprinted from Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Park...
Protesters at capital color interior
Lawsuit Alleging Abuse During 2001 Inauguration Is Settled Reprinted from The Washington Post The D.C. police department agreed...
Seven people mass-arrested during President Trump’s inauguration in January stand trial next week in a major test for prosecutors, the Washington Examiner reports.
The Government’s case against the J20 defendants is falling apart, The Intercept reports.
Protesters at capital color interior
Scattered protests shut down traffic around the District for a third day Monday, with demonstrators lying in roadways...
Reprinted from Business Insider Remember the Occupy Movement? Since last November, when the NYPD closed the Zuccotti Park encampment...
Protesters at capital color interior
Reprint from Alternet Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey, one of two co-chairs appointed by President Obama to head...