Garcia v. Bloomberg – Second Amended Complaint

Garcia v. Bloomberg – Second Amended Complaint

Attorneys from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund filed an amended complaint in the class action lawsuit brought to vindicate the rights of more than 700 demonstrators detained in one of the largest mass arrests in recent history, on the Brooklyn Bridge, on October 1, 2011.

The amended complaint was filed in federal court in New York City and includes a multimedia presentation of video and images that expose the false police narrative of events and make clear that the NYPD led protesters onto the roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge, then sprang a trap and illegally arrested hundreds.

Download a text-only PDF of the complaint

Index of Complaint
Follow the links below to navigate to the sections of the amended complaint, multimedia is included in this presentation of the Complaint.

  1. Second Amended Complaint, Jurisdiction, Venue and Parties (includes multimedia)
  2. Class Action Allegations
  3. Factual Allegations and Continued Adverse Effects and Future Recurrence (includes multimedia)
  4. Unconstitutional Policies and Practices
  5. Violations of Clearly Established Law
  6. Prior Executions of Unconstitutional Mass Protest Arrests Using Tactics Challenged Herein
  7. Claims and Prayer for Relief