Tell Congress: Don't Revive Section 215 — End the NSA's Mass Surveillance Programs!

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Dear member of Congress:

It is a good thing that Section 215 has expired, and any action to revive its functions will be a betrayal of the Constitution and the American people. I join with millions across the country who are insisting that the unconstitutional mass surveillance programs of the NSA, FBI and other intelligence services be defunded and ended immediately. 

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has already ruled that the NSA's program collecting phone records is illegal, and that the agency manipulated existing law to continuously expand its powers.

The USA Freedom Act, while claiming to address the popular concern about the NSA's violation of privacy rights and civil liberties, does not go nearly far enough. It leaves untouched the legal foundation for much of the NSA's mass surveillance programs -- which were themselves secret until whistleblower Ed Snowden exposed them.

Congress needs to pass an affirmative rejection of all mass surveillance programs, overturning Section 215 of the Patriot Act, Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act and Executive Order 12333, while making clear that no secret legal interpretations may be used to justify these programs' continuation. 

As my elected representative, I insist that you fulfill your obligations to defend the Constitution, and act accordingly to end mass surveillance programs.


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