140,000+ Comments Flood the National Park Service

140,000+ Comments Flood the National Park Service

[The comment period closed on Monday, October 15 at midnight]

A truly amazing effort by everyone who joined together and flooded the National Park Service with over 140,000 comments! This is a powerful push back against the Trump administration's new rules designed to crush protest in the nation's capital. No doubt the administration was hoping they could slide this through without a real fight. But people across the United States have made it clear that they are not going to sit back and allow their First Amendment rights to be eviscerated.

The PCJF is moving forward to meet the Trump administration head on, preparing for litigation and a court fight to enjoin final regulations if the Agency issues these rules as final, or materially similar versions. Over the last two decades the PCJF has sued the NPS before and we've won, including obtaining a federal court injunction ordering the NPS to cease its unconstitutional handling of permit applications and to administer the permitting system at issue here in a manner that conforms to the Constitution.

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