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Now on the streets of D.C.: bus ads!

We have just rolled out the 'Thank You Ed Snowden' bus ads! We need everyone to do their part and help us hit the streets of Washington, D.C. to tell Congress and the White House that we reject the criminalization of Ed Snowden. If you haven't made a donation, please do so right now by following this link. If you've already made a donation and can help again it will make a big difference.

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About the PCJF

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund has spent years on the front lines of the challenge to government surveillance. The PCJF has exposed domestic spying operations including thousands of pages of documents revealing how the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies used their "anti-terrorism" authority and funding to spy on and suppress peaceful protest movements in the United States; uncovered the implementation of a mass surveillance grid; and engaged in other litigation and government transparency work in defense of free speech, civil rights and civil liberties. You can visit us on the web at JusticeOnline.org.

Alice Walker, Ray McGovern and Ramsey Clark have joined the campaign. You should too!

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PCJF Action Alert: End the NSA's Dragnet Surveillance Program!

Action Alert: Fire and Prosecute James Clapper – For Lying to and Spying on the American People

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