Your Right of Resistance

At the PCJF, we stand with all those who are taking those steps forward - steps together - to face down what is coming, to protect those who are most vulnerable, and to make it clear that the people themselves are the force to be reckoned with.

PCJF Challenges Trump PIC and Federal Authorities Over Efforts to Block Jan. 21st Inauguration Protests

Attorneys from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund along with activists organizing demonstrations during and after Donald Trump's Inauguration held a press conference this morning demanding access to sites in Washington, D.C., for protests.

No Time to Wait! Will You Defend the Right to Speak Out and Protest in the Age of Trump Right Now?

Defending free speech rights has been our work for the last 20 years but this is the most dangerous time we've seen.

Just-released documents challenge Trump's hotel success claims

Newly released documents from the General Services Administration (GSA) obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund through a public records request and lawsuit provide new insight into Donald Trump's repeated claims about the success of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Washington Post: Want to protest on public property in front of the new Trump hotel? You’ll have to ask Trump first.

If Trump wins the election, the arrangement would create a remarkable scenario in which the president of the United States could block protests in front of his hotel, just down the street from the White House.

Baltimore’s covert spy plane program: a national crossroads for privacy and free speech

Using private funding, the Baltimore Police Department was able to use the dragnet surveillance technology off-the-books.

Lawsuits Filed Over Donald Trump's Privatization of Pennsylvania Avenue, “America’s Main Street”

Civil Rights Group Challenges Buffer Zone that Restricts Free Speech at New Trump International Hotel Read more