Free speech victory over the Bush administration

After a three-year long legal battle pitting free speech rights against the Bush Administration, we are happy to announce that a major victory has been achieved. With your support we intend to continue to fight in defense of the First Amendment.

Calling the Police Version of Events "Fanciful," Magistrate Judge Recommends the Court Find Mass Arrests Were False

U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge John M. Facciola has issued a report and recommendation to presiding Judge Paul L. Friedman that summary judgment issue in favor of the Becker class declaring the mass arrest to be a mass false arrest.

Join Us to Defend Free Speech Rights on the National Mall

Picture Washington DC without mass demonstrations, without people coming together to redress grievances; a Washington DC that is radically different from the vibrant heart of political dissent that has been its historical role.

Statement in Defense of Free Speech Rights on the National Mall

We the undersigned are supporting the emergency mobilization of the people demanding that there be no new restrictions on free speech or protest related activities on the National Mall in Washington D.

Central Park Great Lawn Lawsuit Results in Important Victory for Free Speech Rights

The Partnership for Civil Justice has announced today the filing in Court of a landmark settlement agreement with the City of New York that strikes down key provisions of controversial and unconstitutional regulations aimed at restricting access to the Great Lawn of Central Park.

Multimedia Re-Creation of April 15, 2000 Sidewalk March

The Partnership for Civil Justice has undertaken a massive review and compilation of the multi-media footage of the march

Barham Class Successful in Lifting Stay of Discovery

Discovery, which has been stayed (prohibited) for over a year, is now authorized. Depositions of former Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey and Assistant Police Chief Peter J. Newsham may now proceed.

Top Park Police Official May be Sued Personally for Sept 27, 2002 Mass False Arrest

In a critical ruling and great victory for the class plaintiffs, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued an opinion holding that the senior U.S. Park Police official, Richard Murphy, may be held personally and financially liable for his command of federal agents during the September 27, 2002 Pershing Park mass false arrest.

Court Rejects FBI's Bid to be Dismissed from September 27, 2002 Class Action

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan today denied the FBI's motion to be dismissed from the Barham class action lawsuit.

Settlement Reached for Sept. 27 2002, Vt & K Arrests

The Partnership for Civil Justice has reached a settlement with the District of Columbia over the false arrests and abusive detention of four people who were swept up by the police in a political round-up on September 27, 2002 at Vermont and K Streets N.W. during a protest against the IMF/World Bank and the then-threatened war in Iraq.