Thank You Ed Snowden' bus ads hitting the streets today in Washington, D.C.!

Thank You Ed Snowden' bus ads hitting the streets today in Washington, D.C.!

Help the movement receive mass visibility

We are on the verge of rolling out the 'Thank You Ed Snowden' bus ads, which are expected to hit the streets of Washington, D.C., starting next week! We need everyone to do their part and help us tell Congress and the White House that we reject the criminalization of Ed Snowden.

If you haven't made a donation, please do so right now by following this link. If you've already made a donation and can help again it will make a big difference.

The Thank You Ed Snowden campaign is about to enter a new stage of mass visibility. Thanks to people like you who have helped this campaign get off the ground, the Thank You Ed Snowden ads will soon be appearing on Washington, D.C., buses that pass by the country's halls of power.

This is the power of the grassroots: showing what we can do when we come together, use our collective resources and take a stand. See the image above for a glimpse of what the people and policymakers of Washington will be seeing over the next few weeks. If you support this effort, please click this link to make a contribution to allow us to expand our visibility campaign.

The surveillance state treats the public as subjects, without rights and without a say in the policies that affect all of our daily lives. The most private details of our lives are to them mere "metadata" for the government to access as it pleases.

The calculations of the surveillance state have, however, one fatal flaw. They omit the will of the people. They presume we will remain silent, and in our silence give consent to their shredding of our most cherished civil liberties. They are wrong.

Mr. Snowden's individual act of heroism has opened up a debate and given wind to a new movement that will not go away. Every week brings a new revelation, exposing the misinformation and lies told to us by the politicians and increasing the public pressure for reform. Things will not go back to "normal" as the NSA would like.

It is up to all of us to turn the public mood, which is against the surveillance state, into a political force that can truly affect change. There is no better way to do that than to rally support for Ed Snowden, sending a clear message that he should be granted immunity and allowed to testify before Congress.

There are millions more people who would join this movement if they only knew it existed and how to get involved. We need mass visibility on the internet and on the streets, through advertising and outreach. Help the campaign take off -- circulate the website over email and social media, and make a donation today!