PCJF joins Reset the Net campaign for internet privacy

PCJF joins Reset the Net campaign for internet privacy

A day of collective action on June 5th

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund is joining with dozens of organizations to support the June 5th Reset the Net campaign launched by Fight for the Future and the Center for Rights. Instead of a day of Congressional action, Reset the Net is an effort for internet users and websites around the world to take steps to secure the privacy of their computers, communications and internet activity. 

Campaign organizers explained:

The Problem

The NSA is exploiting weak links in Internet security to spy on the entire world, twisting the Internet we love into something it was never meant to be: a panopticon.

The Solution

We can't stop targeted attacks, but we *can* stop mass surveillance, by building proven security into the everyday Internet.

The Plan

First, get hundreds of sites & apps to add proven security (like SSL). Then on June 5, we'll run a splash screen *everywhere* to spread NSA-resistant privacy tools.