No Time to Wait! Will You Defend the Right to Speak Out and Protest in the Age of Trump Right Now?

No Time to Wait! Will You Defend the Right to Speak Out and Protest in the Age of Trump Right Now?

The Future of Your Country Depends On It

There is no time to spare. It is no exaggeration to conclude that a lot of what you and I stand for, and have fought for, is now under siege. We cannot leave things in Trump's hands. We cannot take a wait and see attitude.

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund's supporters have always been on the front lines of the principled fight for democracy and free speech. We need you now more than ever.

Because of you and other people of conscience we were able to be in federal court immediately, days after the election, fighting for the right of people to protest starting with Day 1 of Trump's presidency: the Inauguration.

Right now, people across the United States are coming together as the most potent political force that a Trump government must reckon with.

The PCJF is working around the clock to protect their fundamental rights, to ensure our public spaces are open for assembly and that people can demonstrate without police repression. We have had landmark victories creating institutional change in policing and access to public space – and now more than ever we need to fight to hold on to those victories and to forge forward in defense of free speech.

Defending free speech rights has been our work for the last 20 years but this is the most dangerous time we've seen, and now we are turning to you who believe in the First Amendment and recognize the gravity of this moment to join in this urgent legal battle with a tax-deductible donation.

Throughout his campaign, Trump repeatedly threatened his opposition, called on his supporters to attack protesters and showed complete contempt for the country's tradition of dissent.

Will you join us in defending free speech and assembly with a tax-deductible contribution?

So much turns on the ability of people to become that powerful collective force in democracy as they take to the streets and we are committed to defending that force of resistance and for progressive change. The work of the PCJF is foundational to realizing the political influence of the people when they join together.

The PCJF is standing together with all those who are marching in opposition to racism, sexism, bigotry and against neo-Nazi ideology. We stand with those who resist efforts to roll back women’s reproductive rights; in protection of vulnerable communities; and in the fight against climate change.

I am reaching out to you today to ask you to make as generous a donation as you can to support civil liberties advocates going head-to-head with the enemies of free speech.

Thank you for everything you do in the fight for justice and equality. I hope you have meaningful time with your friends and family in this holiday season, and thank you for your continuing support. 


Mara Verheyden-Hilliard
PCJF Executive Director