Barham Class Successful in Lifting Stay of Discovery

Barham Class Successful in Lifting Stay of Discovery

Discovery, which has been stayed (prohibited) for over a year, is now authorized

As those of you who have followed this litigation know, the Court - - over the strenuous objections of the Barham class - - has stayed discovery, for various reasons, for over a year and a half.

The Barham plaintiffs filed a motion with the Court, again seeking to reopen discovery, contending that this "extraordinary delay" caused by consecutive stays of discovery were causing severe prejudice to the class and to the advance of the litigation. They argued that the interest of the class, and of the public, was that discovery should recommence without any further delay.

You can read a copy of the plaintiffs' Motion to Lift Stay of Discovery here. The District of Columbia government opposed lifting the stay, and sought to continue to bar the plaintiff class from proceeding with the litigation and proper discovery. Today, the Court granted the plaintiffs request and ordered also that the depositions of Police Chief Charles Ramsey and Assistant Chief Peter Newsham - - which have been sought by plaintiffs for years - - commence without delay.

This ruling will significantly impact the status and advance of the litigation. Plaintiffs - - who have already taken scores of depositions - - will over the next four months seek to depose no less than forty additional arresting officers and officials who engaged in the illegal mass arrest.