Mara Verheyden-Hillard discusses the Cuban Five on 'Law and Disorder'

November 17, 2014

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund interviewed by Law and Disorder Radio (mp3)


In light of Ferguson, DC-area police controversies

August 17, 2014

PCJF Legal Director Carl Messineo is featured on a WUSA9 segment on DC-area police tactics and controversies


Mara Verheyden-Hilliard: Implications of the Hobby Lobby ruling

July 7, 2014

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Executive Director of the Partnership for Civil Justice, examines the Supreme Courts recent Hobby Lobby ruling attacking Women’s rights.


RT: Fusion Centers Approached 2011 Black Friday Consumer Boycott Like a Terrorist Threat

June 4, 2014

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard interviewed on Abby Martin's "Breaking the Set" to discuss the revelations of Fusion Center collaboration with international retailers in monitoring a planned Black Friday boycott.


Mara Verheyden-Hilliard on The Kojo Nnamdi Show: Police And Social Media

May 13, 2014

Police departments around the country are using sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, but this activity on social media has raised some privacy concerns. PCJF Executive Director Mara Verheyden-Hilliard joins a panel on the Kojo Nnamdi Show.


Mara Verheyden-Hillard on RT: Ray McGovern's Lawsuit Against the State Dept.

February 20, 2014

A former CIA analyst is suing the State Department for putting him on a watch list on account of his political activities.


Audio: Carl Messineo discusses NSA spying on Black Agenda Radio

January 28, 2014

“Public opinion polls are clear that a majority of Americans recognize that there has been an unacceptable loss of civil liberties in the so-called pursuit of anti-terrorism,” said Messineo.


Mara Verheyden-Hilliard discusses Ray McGovern lawsuit on "Left Voices"

January 19, 2014

Three years ago Army veteran and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern was arrested for standing in silent protest during a speech by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. All charges were dropped but the State Department used the incident as a reason to issue a “Be On the Look Out” or BOLO advisory based solely on his political activism.


2013, The Year of the Whistleblower! Interview with Carl Messineo

November 26, 2013

"Democracy is premised on the notion that the government operates with the consent of the people, and its authority derives from the people, and its operations serve the people as the people democratically define their interests. Today, government targets the people as “adversaries.” -- Carl Messineo interviewed on "A Deeper Look" (KBOO radio)


Carl Messineo on Voice of Russia discussing Thank You Ed Snowden campaign

November 21, 2013

We recognize and the people across the US recognize that Edward Snowden is an American hero and a hero to democracy worldwide.