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Justice Dept.'s disingenuous denial of spying on Muslim and Arab Americans

The statement issued today by the Justice Department and Director of National Intelligence in response to Glenn Greenwald's just-released story in The Intercept about NSA and FBI spying is disingenuous. more >>

We have the momentum against mass surveillance, but we must take action

The legislation passed by the House shows that progress is possible. But it is not enough. We have to keep organizing, fighting and encouraging others to join this effort. more >>

PCJF joins Reset the Net campaign for internet privacy

A day of collective action on June 5th
Reset the Net is a global movement to take our privacy back and secure the Internet to defend against mass government surveillance. more >>

Fusion Centers Approached 2011 Black Friday Consumer Boycott Like a Terrorist Threat

Counter-terrorism officials partner with corporate retail trade association
The documents reveal that Fusion Centers and their personnel even conflate their anti-terrorism mission with a need for intelligence gathering on a possible consumer boycott during the holiday season. more >>

National police chiefs collaborated with counter-terrorism Fusion Center targeting peaceful protest

First order of business for police chiefs' intelligence-sharing subcommittee: Occupy
The documents reveal that the police chiefs of major U.S. cities created an “Emerging Issues” Subcommittee and that “The first issue the committee is working is the Occupy Movement.” more >>

Exposed: The Hidden Role of Fusion Centers in the Nationwide Spying Operation Against Occupy

"Counter-terrorism" agencies' domestic spying on free speech activity
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-funded Fusion Centers used their vast anti-terrorism and anti-crime authority and funding to conduct a sprawling, nationwide and hour-by-hour surveillance effort that targeted even the smallest activity of peaceful protestors in the Occupy Movement. more >>

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern sues State Dept. for Putting Him on Watch List

Lawsuit Challenges Brutal Arrest at Clinton speech
The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of former CIA analyst Ray McGovern challenging his brutal arrest at a speech by Hillary Clinton, and his subsequent placement on a State Dept. watch list. more >>

'Thank You Ed Snowden' bus featured in Australia's mass surveillance debate

24,000 Letters to Congress Against Mass Surveillance
On Tuesday, 'The Day We Fight Back,' people all across the country sent letters to and called Congress demanding an end to the mass surveillance system. more >>

Feb 11: The Day We Fight Back

February 11 is 'The Day We Fight Back,' a day of nationally coordinated action against dragnet surveillance that promises to be the largest in history. A broad range of civil liberties organizations are participating. more >>

NSA Programs Have No Constitutional Leg to Stand On

PCJF statement on Oversight Board report
The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board's report, calling for an end to bulk surveillance collection, confirms that the Pentagon's NSA mass surveillance program, and President Obama's fundamental endorsement of it, does not have a constitutional leg to stand on. more >>
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